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Venture Capital

We invest in the following sectors together with our partner Buran Venture Capital:

  • E-commerce (services, marketplace platforms, etc.),
  • Online media (how-to guides, video, music, etc.)
  • Mobile internet (applications, gaming, etc.)
  • Communitainment (social networking)
  • Software as a service


Investment size: 300k USD – 3.0 m USD


Together with Buran Venture Capital we have a very strong network in EU, the CIS and Israel.

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Angel Investments:

We also invest in companies in the seed or start-up stage in projects which are too small for Venture Capital investment. In this case, we primarily look at the management team and how quickly we can take the company to the first round investment stage.


Investment size: less than 300k USD

Real Estate Investments:

We also invest in real estate primarily in and around Budapest but also selectively in the entire Central Eastern European region. We are not sector specific in terms of real estate, we acquire and manage properties where we can add value through our unique approach, out-of-the-box strategy or network of partners. We have been involved in the acquisition of properties in the excess of 20 million EUR since 2008, and we have exited from most of these projects. All of these deals have been profitable and successful.

About us


As an expert in Central-Eastern Europe, GRW Invest believes, that the risk adjusted return of carefully selected investments in the region can significantly outperform the more developed economies as well as some other developing regions. GRW invests in these projects and manages them from the acquisition to the exit in order to create the maximum shareholder return.

Investment Management Services

GRW provides full range of investment management services for its investments: Sourcing, deal structuring, deal negotiations, due diligence, contractual negotiation, asset management, exit strategy planning, exit strategy implementation, financing, tax planning:



  • Sourcing: Ability to source off market deals with unique terms
  • Deal Structuring: Ability to structure deals in the most effective way
  • Deal Negotiation: Management of the complete negotiation process
  • Due Diligence: Setting up local due diligence teams and managing or coordinating the entire DD process
  • Contractual Negotiations: Together with legal experts managing the entire contractual process with strong attention to detail
  • Asset Management: Maximizing long-term value through the careful planning and pro-active, hand-on management
  • Exit Strategy Planning: Creating a clear exit strategy from the beginning, continuously scanning the market and reviewing the strategy on a yearly and event driven basis to master the art of exiting at the right time with the right terms
  • Exit Strategy Implementation:
    Closing the deal with great attention to detail and to
  • Financing: providing the best possible return on equity with acceptable risk levels
  • Tax Planning: prudent but "out-of-the-box" tax planning to reach the best possible return
  • Legal Advice, Accounting, Auditing: Strong network of partners in the legal, accounting and auditing fields covering the entire investment process

Joint venture partners

GRW usually invests in a joint venture structure, with partners that can add significant additional value to projects in addition to their equity contributions.

Management team

Kristóf Bárány

CFA, Managing Director

Kristóf has more than 10 years of experience in real estate and venture capital investments. As a CFA charterholder, Kristóf adheres to high ethical and professional standards, and is an expert in deal selection, deal negotiation and financing.

Executive team

Our executive team further consists of junior and senior investment, real estate and financial advisors with outstanding qualifications and experience.


Selected Real Estate References

Year: 2014 -

Acquired a 2,200 sqm office building in central Pest with good redevelopment potential.



Year: 2013 - 2014

12,000 sqm office building in central Buda acquired vacant redeveloped and sold. The complete process from the sourcing to the exit and through development was managed by GRW Invest.



Year: 2012 - 2013

Description: minority stake acquired and sold in an SPV holding a major Citibank branch in Budapest.


Year: 2012 -

State of the art 6,000 sqm “A” category office and warehouse complex on a 40,000 sqm plot in the western logistics hub of Budapest, next to the M1 highway in the M1-M7-M0 “golden triangle”.  Acquired vacant and currently more than 70% let.





Venture Capital References:

Kristóf Bárány more than 10 years of experience on the Hungarian and international VC market. Kristóf has experience in all levels of fund management: started as an analyst and has been the executive director and is currently venture partner. Linkedin link


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